Night Optics PVS7 Gen 3 Mil-Spec Night Vision Goggle NG-P07-3G w/ Free S&H

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Night Optics PVS7 Gen 3 Mil-Spec Night Vision Goggle Product Info

Night Optics Gen 3 Military-Spec Night Vision Goggle is a combat-proven night vision system that's equally effective as a night vision binocular or as a helmet-mounted pair of hands-free night vision goggles. Military spec headgear is included with these night vision goggles enabling you to perform tactical and law enforcement operations under the cover of darkness. The Generation 3 night vision tubes on the Night Optics Gen3 Waterproof Night Vision Binoculars are protected by an automated image tube defense system that blocks too-bright light from overloading the tube. This Night Optics night vision Goggle allows you to operate its integrated IR illuminator in both a momentary and constant-on mode, and its HUD shows battery levels and IR activation, so you're always up to date on the state of your goggles. The waterproof housing of the night vision Goggle can withstand immersion up to three feet for a half an hour, making these goggles particularly well-suited to rough environments. Night Optics has built these goggles with either a gated or a non-gated power supply. Capable of running for up to 40 hours on two AA batteries, proven in battle, and trusted by the United State military, the Night Optics Gen 3 1x Helmet-Mounted Night Vision Goggle can do more than see in the dark.

Night-Optics PVS-7 Night Vision Generation 2+ Goggle, Advanced, Gated Power

Specifications for NightOptic Gen3 High Performance NV Binocular/Goggle:

Night Vision: Generation 3
Resolution: 57-72 lp/mm (P07-3AG), 45-64 lp/mm (P07-3ST)
Power Supply: Gated (P07-3AG), Non-Gated (P07-3ST)
Film Type: Thin (P07-3AG), Thin or Standard (P07-3ST)
Magnification: 1x
Lens System: 26mm f1.12
Field of View Angle: 40°
Field of View: 2184'
Range of Focus: 10" to Infinity
Detection Range: 1148'
Recognition Range: 984'
Diopter Adjustment: -2 to +6
IR Illuminator: Yes
Batteries: 2x AA
Battery Life: 40 hours
Dimensions: 6" x 3" x 6"
Weight: 18 oz

Features of Night Optics Gen 3 1x Mil-Spec IR Goggle w/ Helmet Mount:

  • Military-spec night vision goggles/binoculars from Night Optics
  • Professional-grade Generation 3 image intensifier tubes
  • Standard military system
  • 1x magnification
  • Can be hand-held or mounted to helmet for hands-free operation
  • Built-in IR illuminator
  • Intuitive controls
  • Stereoscopic imagery
  • Momentary and continuous on IR illuminator switch
  • Low battery indicator on Goggle HUD
  • Automated image tube brightness adjustment
  • Fast f1.12 lens
  • Runs for up to 40 hours on two (2) AA batteries
  • Available with gated or non-gated power supply
  • Backed by 2 year Night Optics warranty

Package Contents:

  • Night Optics Gen 3 Military-Spec Night Vision Goggle
  • 1x lens
  • Soft case
  • Mil-spec headgear
  • 2x AA batteries
  • Neck strap
  • Lens Cleaning Paper
  • 2x demist shields
  • Sacrificial filters
  • Operating manual

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