Vixen A80Mf Telescope 80mm w/ Free S&H

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Vixen A80Mf Telescope 80mm Product Info

The Vixen A80Mf 80mm Telescope is a great starting point if you are looking to start out with something a little larger than a beginner telescope, and want to spend the time to learn the sky instead of relying on a computer to slew the scope over to each object. The Vixen A80Mf 3992 Telescope, when attached to the Porta II Mount, moves easily and is stable when stopped. No tweaking of the telescope hand controls is necessary like some other brands. This smooth-acting scope and mount is great for terrestrial use, too; it can smoothly track earth-based objects, on land or sea. Snap a few images with a digital camera attached to the second port on the flip mirror diagonal.

Vixen 39952W: A80Mf Telescope w/ Porta II Mount Head and Wood Tripod

Specifications for Vixen A80mm Telescope:

E ective aperture: 3.1 in; 80mm
Focal length (Focal ratio): 910mm (F11.4)
Resolving power, limiting magnitude: 1.45 arc sec., 11.3
Light gathering power: 131x
Tube size & weight: (OD) 90mm x (L) 860mm, 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg)
Finder scope: 6x30mm, Field of view 7 degrees
Adapter thread / visual back: 42mm for T-ring / 31.7mm push- t
Eyepiece: PL20 (46x), PL6.3 (144x)

Specifications for Porta II Mount:

Vertical/Horizontal Motion: 120 Tooth wheel gears whole circle movement
Optical Tube Set up: Dovetail Plate attachment system
Maximum Loading Weight: About 20 lbs
Weight: 15 lbs
Tripod: Aluminum 2 sect. adjustable from 35.4 in to 51.2 in
.Warranty: Five Year Warranty

Features of Vixen A80Mf Telescope:

  • Complete with long flexible slow motion handles
  • Removable head

Package Contents:

  • Vixen A80Mf Telescope
  • 6x24 finder telescope that attaches to the main scope to help you center the object.
  • 20mm eyepiece for general viewing.
  • 6.3mm eyepiece for those really clear nights, for high power viewing.
  • diagonal Prism that connects the eyepiece to the telescope.
  • Dew / Sun shield. (Not for solar viewing).
  • Complete tube rings and dovetail plate to quickly attach the A80Mf to your mount.

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