Vixen ED80S Refractor Telescope with Porta II Mount w/ Free S&H

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Vixen ED80S Refractor Telescope with Porta II Mount Product Info

The Vixen ED80SF with Porta II Mount Package gives you a terrific scope and mount combo for on-the-go observing. Whether you're seasoned astronomer or a backyard observer who's just getting started, the Vixen ED80Sf Telescope & Porta II Mount is an ideal setup - a complete telescope package that lets you get started observing right away. No need to keep ordering more parts because something's missing or not included. The Vixen ED80SF Telescope & Porta II Mount can be moved as a single assembled unit, requiring no setup time. This scope and mount set includes:

  • The Vixen ED 80SF Refractor Telescope is a terrific optical tube that has gotten glowing reviews from numerous astronomers. The Vixen ED80Sf Telescope features high-grade glass and quality components. Coupled with a medium f/7.5 focal ratio, the ED 80Sf delivers a sharp, color-free image of high contrast. At only 22.4", this is our ultimate grab-n-go APO travel scope. The Vixen ED80Sf Refractor Scope comes complete with Aluminum Case, Flip Mirror, finder Scope and Rings.
  • The Vixen Porta II AltAz Mount is a solid alt-azimuth mount with a 20lb payload capacity and Slow Motion Flexible Handles to minimize vibrations and keep your view sharp. This is very useful in searching and tracking celestial objects. The Sky at Night says: "When moving the telescope around the sky with this mount, we found any vibrations quickly dampened down. The whole system was very stable, even when the tripod was at its maximum extended height". The mount head is easily removed to allow for a switch to a heavier tripod. In addition, this is a great mount for terrestrial viewing. With no locks or clutches, our gear drives make it a simple matter to precisely track a planet or a ship on the horizon by turning the elevation and/or azimuth control handles. The Vixen Porta II Mount features slow motion control of both axes, solid central bolt for easy tripod change, flex handles and accessory tray.
Vixen 39956: ED80S Refractor Telescope with Porta II Mount
Vixen 39956W: ED80S Refractor Telescope with Porta II Head and Wood Tripod

Specifications for Vixen ED80Sf (Item #2617) Telescope with Porta II Mount:

Optical tube: 80mm (3.15") ED Apochromatic Multi-coated
Focal Length / f#: 600mm f/7.5
Eyepiece: Not included
Highest Useful Magnification: 160x
Light Gathering Power: 131x
Resolving Power: 1.45 arc sec, 11.3
Optical Tube Length: 570mm / 22.4"
Tube diameter: 100mm/4 in
Outside Dew Shield Diameter: 116mm
Optical Tube Weight: 7.5 lbs. / 3.4 kg.

Features of Vixen ED80SF with Porta II Mount Package (Item #39956):

  • High-grade glass
  • High quality components
  • Medium f/7.5 focal ratio
  • Sharp, color-free images
  • Highly portable - only 22.4" long

Package Contents:

  • Vixen ED80Sf 80mm f/7.5 with Porta Mount Package:
    • ED80Sf APO Optical Tube
    • 9x50 finder-scope
    • Finder Bracket
    • 1 1/4" Flip mirror
    • Tube Rings
    • Dove-tail-plate
    • Aluminum Telescope Case
    • Porta II Mount with locking extension legs, accessory tray, flexible handle slow motion control, adjustment tool set, and removable mount head.

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